Sand Products

High-Quality Sand for any Project with Corridor Sands!

Corridor Sands Produce High Quality Sand Products

Our High-Quality Sand Products are always available ex plant, or we can arrange delivery. Please note, a minimum 3 tonne pick up ex plant.

Fill Sand

Other Names: Bedding Sand, Backfill Sand

For use in:

    • Under Concrete Slabs,
    • Under Pavers and Paving Slabs,
    • Bedding Material for Pipes and Electrical Conduits,
    • Backfill Material around Pools, Concrete Structures, Manholes, Gulley-boxes etc…

Washed Sand

Other Names: Concrete Sand, Asphalt Sand

For use in:

    • Concrete,
    • Asphalt,
    • Topsoil Blends,
    • Turf Sand Blends,
    • Top Dressing Blends,
    • Premixed Concrete and Mortars.

Sandy Loams

Other Names: Loamy Sand, Loam

Sandy Loam Products

    • Sandy Loam 80/20,
    • Sandy Loam 70/30.

Top Dressing Blends

Other Names: Top Dress Sand, USGA Sand, Golf Course Sand, Top Dressing Soil

Top Dressing Blends:

    • AmendMAX Blends,
    • Organic Manure Blends,
    • Custom Blends.

Soil Blends

Other Names: Topsoil, Earth, Surface Soil, Garden Soil

Soil Blends:

    • Garden Soil,
    • Commercial Soil.

Organic Under Turf

Other Names: Under Turf Sand, Turf Underlay Sand, Turf Sand

Our Organic Under Turf Blends are the perfect foundation for all turf laying projects.

Contact our Plant Manager, Glen Thornton, to discuss your requirements or for more technical data and information.

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