Washed Sand

Washed Sand

Other Names:  Concrete Sand, Asphalt Sand, Graded Sand

Our high quality washed washed concrete and asphalt sand is excavated from under water using a specialised floating dredge. The dredge has a rotating cutter head to loosen the sand deposits. A suction pipe carries the slurry of sand and water which is pumped through a pipeline to the plant which is then processed.

It is thoroughly washed to remove impurities and clay; it is then screened to remove any oversize material and fines. 

Our natural river sand deposit has been processed is certified to meet Department of Main Roads Approval. The primary use for this product is in the production of Concrete and Asphalt.

Typical Uses:

  • Concrete Sand – Washed Sand is perfectly suited to the production of concrete and mortar products. Concrete slabs, for instance uses around 33% sand, using the 1 x cement, 2 x sand, and 3 x gravel principal.
  • Asphalt Sand – Washed Sand is also used in the production of asphalt. It meets the particle sizing and all applicable standards for use in asphalt production.
  • Turf Industry – Washed Sand can be used in the production of USGA Graded Sand, which then can be used under the turf or as topdressing. USGA Graded Sands are typically used on golf courses, sporting fields, school ovals etc.
  • Blending with other Materials – Washed Sand can also be blended with topsoil to make other products like top dressing and turf underlay.

Quality Assurance

  • Monthly Testing includes: grading, particle size distribution, material finer that 75 microns, organic impurities, and clay and fine silts.
  • 6 Monthly Testing includes: particle density and water absorption.
  • Annual Testing includes: chloride, particles finer than 2 micron, sodium sulphate soundness, petrochemical analysis, alkali aggregate reaction, potential reactivity, sugar, silica as SiCO2, reduction in alkalinity, sulphate, and light particles.


  • 1 cubic metre of loose Premium Sand weighs approximately 1,430kgs.*
  • 1 tonne of loose Premium Sand is approximately 0.7 cubic metres.*

 *  May vary according to moisture content.

Corridor Sands pride themselves on supplying premium quality sand/soils, excellent customer service and fast, efficient loading.

Call or Email Glen for expert advice and pricing for any of these products:

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Queensland Department of Main Roads Quarry Assessment and Certification approved.

Typical Particle Size Distribution

Contact our Plant Manager, Glen Thornton to discuss your requirements or for more technical data and information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1m3 = 1.4t (approx, can vary according to how wet the sand is)

Please ignore GPS directions

We are located on the Northern Gold Coast 15kms from the M1 Highway.

71 Marks Road, Woongoolba, Qld.


  • Access via Stapylton/Jacobs Well Road,
  • Turn at Mill Road,
  • Continue 2kms past the Rocky Point Sugar Mill,
  • Turn left into Corridor Sands.

Minimum 3 tonne pick up ex plant.

Yes delivery can be arranged please phone us for a quote. Ph 07 5546 1253 or 0411 215 345

Delivery available to Gold Coast, Logan, Redland Bay, Brisbane and Ipswich Regions

Monday – Friday 6:00am – 4:00pm
Saturdays or out of hours by arrangement with the Plant Manager

Yes, click here to download a copy.

Yes we do for Safety, Quality and Environment.

  • Corridor Sand’s Occupational Health and Safety System is certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001 accredited by Sci Qual International.
  • Corridor Sand’s Safety Management Systems is certified to ISO 45001:2018 accredited by Sci Qual International.
  • Corridor Sand’s Quality Management Systems is certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 accredited by Sci Qual International.
  • Corridor Sand’s Environmental Management System is certified to AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015 accredited by Sci Qual International.

No, we only sell sand in Bulk – 3 tonne minimum.

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